Receive up to 60 EUR for each friend you invite

Your friends will also receive 5 DUK+ when their account is approved and meet the incoming deposit turnover requirement

Get started by downloading our app:

How it works step 1

Account opening

  1. Download the app

    Download Dukascopy Connect 911 on your phone and click on the "Bank" icon

  2. Fill the form

    Start by filling out the registrationform. It takes about 2 minutes

  3. Biometrical scan or Video identification

    After you filled out the form, click on the "Bank" icon and proceed to the Biometrical scan. If your document or phone doesn't fit the requirements for a Biometric scan, you can do a video call with one of the Bank employees. It will take only 2 minutes

  4. Make a deposit

    After you complete all the steps, your Swiss Bank account will be opened and ready to use in the next few hours

How it works step 2

Invite your friends


how To invite a friend

Go to Settings, and select the "Referral Program" section to share your unique code

How it works step 3

Receive your bonus

10 DUK+

For the first friend you invite, you will receive 10 DUK+ if they make a first deposit equivalent to 100 USD in the first three months after their account approval

5 DUK+

You will receive an additional 5 DUK+ for every other invited friend who fulfils the same conditions

50 EUR

You will receive 50 EUR for every referral which generates a minimum of 5000 USD or equivalent turnover in investments in the first 6 month after their account approval

Get started by downloading our app:

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