What is Crazy 911?

Crazy 911 lets you earn money by doing crazy stuff. This is a new form of social interaction, where people all around the world do things together. Its a way to have fun and enjoy life!

What are you waiting for? Join a community of like minded people, invite your friends and friends and be the craziest!

How it works

To join the Crazy 911 community, download the Connect 911 app from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play.

Why Crazy911


Communicate with your friends by making audio and video calls and take part in group, public chats and webinars


Dare your friends to take challenges or complete them yourself and get prizes!


Increase your knowledge by asking as many questions as freakishly possible


Help others by replying to their questions and earn money for successfully answered questions.


Enjoy a powerful and customizable app, with lots of options to make it perform exactly the way you want.